smartlab university

The smartlab university develops and provides continuous learning programs in and around smartlabs. ranging from the online lectures in our smartlab.lecure series over Web- and Video-turorials to Hackathons.


IUTA Duisburg

StreamFind, an innovative data processing workflow designer

Ricardo Cunha
17 Apr 2024 - 16h00-17h00

Ricardo’s talk will focus on his latest project, StreamFind, an innovative data processing workflow designer. StreamFind aims to support students, researchers and technicians to improve their data skills by facilitating the use of open source algorithms for assembling data processing workflows.

Opentrons Labworks

How to bring Lab Automation into the classroom.

Kennedy McDaniel
20 Mar 2024 - 16h00-17h00

The most sought-after skills in new graduates have changed and now is the time to equip your students with the knowledge they need to land jobs. We will ll share case studies of university teachers who have incorporated automation into their courses and how this can be done even if you do not have automation experience yourself. We will show ways to include robotics on a budget, and approaches to modifying existing lessons.

Center for Life-Science Automation

Automation Strategies or how to find the right Concept for your Automation Project?

Kerstin Thurow
21 Feb 2024 - 16h00-17h00

Automation has reached ever larger areas recently. Due to the development of numerous new, cost-effective automation devices and modules, the automation of laboratory processes is also of increasing interest for small and medium-sized companies and in research laboratories. Different degrees of automation, from the automation of individual sub-steps to partial automation and finally full automation without manual intervention by an operator, are possible. The selection of a suitable automation concept depends on various factors. In addition to the process itself, which with its sub-processes sets the requirements and framework conditions for automation, other parameters such as space requirements, investment and operating expenses, planned operating times and throughput are also important. Different automation concepts will be shown with exemplarily applications.

University Greifswald

Semantics, knowledge Graphs and Labautomation

Mark Doerr
31 Jan 2024 - 16h00-17h00

I will cover some internals and background of the LARA automation suite for high-throughput protein screening ( and the benefits of Sila2 based communication.

EPFL Lausanne

On the use of algorithms in an automated lab

Pascal Mieville
06 Dec 2023 - 16h00-17h00

Automation and algorithms are the two faces of digital chemistry. In this talk, we will explore the potential application of different families of algorithms along with the automated workflow of a data-driven synthetic and analytical laboratory, as currently established at the Swiss CAT+ West Hub at EPFL.

Three Years of Cell Painting Automation in the pharmbio robotlab

Dan Rosen
15 Nov 2023 - 16h00-17h00

In this presentation, I will share our experience in automating cell painting over the past three years in the pharmbio robotlab at Uppsala University. We are running two self-built automated systems: (1.) cell painting, an assay preparing cells on multi-well plates for fluorescent imaging, with a UR10 robot arm, plate washers and dispensers and an automated incubator, (2.) microscopy imaging, where a precise flex robot arm feeds microscopes from an automated fridge. I will discuss the parts that make up the system: machine communication, robotarms and robotarm moves, action scheduling and user interaction. I will highlight some issues we have had along the way and how they were resolved.

An outline of the systems can be found on our github: robotlab


Nachhaltigkeit und Tierschutz

Leon Budde
07 Nov 2023 - 16h30-17h30
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Laborautomatisierung ist im akademischen Bereich in der Regel mit Translationsansätzen verbunden. Das GO-Bio initial projekt von transMit zielt auf die Stärkung des Transfererfolgs in den Lebenswissenschaften ab. Im Rahmen der transMIT Ringvorlesung werden wir unsere Ansätze zur voll-automatisierten Herstellung, Reifung, und Analyse von künstlichen Herzgeweben vorstellen.


Vision and Perspective

Tim Meyer
01 Nov 2023 - 16h00-17h00

The aim of this first Session of our Lecture series is to give an overview and vision of the network activities from colaboration to defining standards and developing open-source hard- and software